The Trump Card

JArtWorksThe powers that be are not really worried … for now.  They feel somewhat confident that the Trump movement will fail, and fall even further short than the Perot movement did in the not-as-gay 90’s.  But there is a bit of concern.  Trump is appearing to spoil things for both the major parties, and if it keeps up too long, well, that could pose a problem.  He will have to be dealt with.

The thing that really causes consternation in two major parties is that they may have to answer his concerns directly and openly.  And they don’t have a clue on how to do that.  For Trump’s concerns are the concerns of a super majority of the electorate.

Why doesn’t this guy just shut up and enjoy his money?  After all, that is what they would do if they were billionaires who earned their own money, and therefore didn’t owe anyone or have to kiss butt just to survive.

Trump has shot off his mouth, but has not freaked anyone out so far but the girly men of politics and hapless stooges in the media.  Those of the weak knees always jerk the same joints whenever a political threat emergences.

They thought they could run Trump off with a little tough talk and public shaming.  But not so far.  They are obviously dealing with someone exceptional and unique to what they are used to.  A guy who has to deal with mafia run unions and openly corrupt big city politicians and gets what he wants is not a guy to try and run a bluff on.

Trump might be dismissed more easily if we had a decent economy and the nation wasn’t so roiled socially.  But, we’re not.  We are close to being so far in debt that we cannot emerge the same country trying to honestly pay it back.  We, as a nation, have loss our confidence.  Our positive vision for our country and the rest of the world has evaporated into the nightmares of a directionless, soulless and hopeless hell.

Nothing hit that home harder than seeing the government subsidized touted champion of “women’s health” extracting organs for profit from aborted babies that were still alive.  Like other apologists for depravity, their kind has managed to turn morality upside down, redefining it as anything that prevents them from doing whatever they want to whomever they please.  They reserve their scorn and their version of “moral” wrath on those who try to convince them to stop doing what was considered only a few years ago as just plain evil.

And the head of that evil is head of the Democrat Party, which is currently running the country into the ground economically and morally.  In his own eyes, and those of his worshipers, our current president probably sees himself as a great, even noble and virtuous man.  But an increasingly larger majority of people at home and abroad have come to the realization that we have a president that is either an incompetent fool or a deep undercover saboteur who is intent on hurting or even destroying our country.  Or possibly both at the same time.

It may come to past that one day the details on Benghazi will show that the Obama Administration was plotting with the Moslem Brotherhood (hello Huma) to create their own version of the worldwide caliphate.  It may also be learned that the real reason Obama is not destroying the glaring and obvious cancerous evil in the world is that Obama is a sympathetic radical (albeit closeted) Moslem who cannot bring himself to kill what he perceives to be his own kind on a mission he approves.  The same line of thought follows his inexplicable nuclear give away to the biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the past several decades.  He’s not even hiding it, is he?

All suspicions about Obama and his actions would disappear if he would be honest with everyone.  But he has his own reasons for hiding his past history, his real birth certificate, the classes he took and the grades he made in the schools he supposedly attended.  The fact of the matter is that no one really knows how this man came out of nowhere to become the leader of 320 million American citizens and who knows how many tens of millions of resident illegal aliens.

What is curious and frustrating to this super majority that wants its country back is why there has been no reasonable, even measured, political opposition.  Why do even Republican leaders scoff at the idea of simply making Obama actually tell us who he really is or what his true goals are?  Why do they allow him to run roughshod over the Constitution without doing their legal responsibility to stop the law breaking?  Why is anyone who calls Obama out on his illegal actions instantly dismissed as a crazy?

Our leaders, of both parties, are by any objective and sane analysis wrecking and dismantling our nation for no real discernable purpose.  One might make the case that they do it because they know the public will do nothing now, and if and when the calamity comes, they will be long gone or be able to come up with a “great” plan to fix the problem they spent years making.

If one tuned one’s tin foil hat just so, one would think that illegal extraterrestrials are in the process of taking over our world in the easiest manner possible.  But the truth is out there, and I don’t mean there, but here.

I think the truth of our rotting political system is a combination of peer pressure brought about by political correctness, which is actively enforced by law and extra legal bullying by special interest pressure groups, and rank dissipated cowardice that has turned into a “screw you” attitude toward their countrymen, which they see as incorrigible nobodies.

What explains that cowardice is that once your average politician gets so far underwater in their approval numbers they decide that they have nothing to lose.  They suddenly become the extremely loyal liegemen of the Congressional system that rewards dog like loyalty.  When the nation is so polarized, then most of them find themselves in safe districts were they can plunder the system for all it’s worth.

And, after all, there are all those promised future lobbying gigs that were made when they voted the way the lobbyists wanted them to.  But no matter.  They pride themselves as being in the history books.  Just like all those other forgotten greed heads of civilizations that once were.  A great pension and a life chasing golf balls with other unconscionable dicks seems like a perfectly fine retirement.  The country?  Who cares?  I just want to get wasted, hump some young thing, and hopefully die in my sleep.  Isn’t that what life is all about?

Politicians throughout history have always been viewed dimly by those have to live under their thumbs.  The fading beauty of America is that we citizens have been spared the rougher aspects of being ruled by arrogant aristocratic morons who think the rubes must be either led or whipped into line.

America’s budding presidential autocratic tradition started early in our national life.  Back in our salad days we could thumb our noses at those thieving POS’s trying to tell us what to do and how to do it.  Back then the frontier allowed us not to care, at least so much.

But that was then.  Today we face nearly half the electorate that thinks the government should be redistributing the nation’s wealth, which, of course, never was, has been, or could be created by them.

The truth of the attractiveness of socialism is that the ones who desire it and demand it think that it is perfectly fine to take others’ earnings to make their own lives more comfortable.  Our current crop of politicians know this sickly desire by heart, and like a good con man peddle that immoral dream to them.  This has created the seeds of our destruction, but also a perpetual pool of voters to keep the game going until the roof caves in.


She should of had a long life and a brilliant future

It isn’t funny how morality actually works, but it can be plainly shown that the less moral and/or ethical the people of any nation are, the easier and quicker they are to throw off all such “imaginary” constraints, such as all the “Thou Shalt Nots.”  They can get so low that even becoming prodigal sons and daughters doesn’t even look like a good option.  They would rather die in the pig sty and make sure you’re stuck in there with them.  Misery loves company.  It makes one feel better knowing that everyone else is miserable, too.

JArtWorksOur current crop of politicians in both parties have adapted a mi casa es su casa attitude about our country.  They try and shame as xenophobic racial bigots those Americans who oppose letting foreigners waltz in, get on welfare, and laugh while they are allowed and protected to piss all over our laws.


Who Supplies The Feast?

While it is, of course, not applicable to all illegal aliens crossing our open border, there is a huge minority illegal border crossers that are major and petty criminals that Mexico and Central Americans are glad to get rid of, even to the point of encouraging them and giving them instructions on how to break into the United States.  It’s well worth it, they tell their people, go on and head up to that del norte promised land, where the streets are lined with EBT cards and free health care.  Oh, and there’s still a lot of naive Americans who still fall for the “poor little peasant” act while you pick their pockets.  If anyone really wants proof it’s all there in the criminal arrest and incarceration records.

Everyone should be able to easily see that the winds of change have shifted and are blowing harder than ever.  Politicians who have lost their ability to sense the change in the political marketplace are by definition long past their expiration dates.

Hope the door hits you in the arse on the way out and you expire someplace where we don’t have to smell your rotting corpse.



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