Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Blacks – Like Everyone Else – Can Get Killed Resisting Arrest!


Have a Glass of Overheated Yellow Piss on Me!

The Washington Post newspaper headline today reads:

A year after Michael Brown’s fatal shooting, unarmed black men are seven times more likely than whites to die by police gunfire.

Then the first sentence of the story reads:

It begins with a relatively minor incident: A traffic stop. A burglary. A disturbance. Police arrive and tensions escalate. It ends with an unarmed black man shot dead.

Are you getting the feeling you’re not reading a news story, but the start of a lurid novel?  A yarn that makes its storyline about racism and profiling, and how it is reaching epidemic proportions in our America of today?  We will not have to guess who the villains are, we are led by the nose to that conclusion in no uncertain terms.

Actually, one can easily make the case that racism is higher than it has been in decades, but why is that?  Why do blacks and whites distrust each other so much at this particular time?  Is it because the mainly white police are lashing out at innocent blacks and/or killing them with impunity?  Or is there some other reason?

There are some things one must always look for and keep in mind when reading Left Wing propaganda, and those are the careful cherry picking of statistics and the ignoring of major, crucial facts – and other scientific data drawn conclusions – that might turn their story and their world narrative into the biased garbage it is.


That’s right, I’m a One Year Old Racist! You got a problem with that?

In what percentages do white males (and make no mistake, they are the hidden scoundrel in ALL Left Wing propaganda) get shot or killed resisting arrest, and how does this percentage compare to blacks?

In the sixth, seventh and eighth paragraphs of the story, the Post blows its cover and basically tells us that whatever follows is sophomoric agitprop, written to anger and stir people (blacks and the Left base) up into action:

So far this year, 24 unarmed black men have been shot and killed by police – one every nine days, according to a Washington Post database of fatal police shootings. During a single two-week period in April, three unarmed black men were shot and killed. All three shootings were either captured on video or, in one case, broadcast live on local TV.

Those 24 cases constitute a surprisingly small fraction of the 585 people shot and killed by police through Friday evening, according to The Post database. Most of those killed were white or Hispanic, and the vast majority of victims of all races were armed.

However, black men accounted for 40 percent of the 60 unarmed deaths, even though they make up just 6 percent of the U.S. population. The Post’s analysis shows that black men were seven times more likely than white men to die by police gunfire while unarmed.

At this point in the “news story” one is reading the mixing (and omission) of statistics to try and prove their case that America cops are wantonly shooting and killing blacks in far more percentages than whites or Hispanics.  The conclusion they are leading the reader to is that cops have an institutional racist mind-set that must be addressed and ultimately changed.

But included in their accusation is a surprising confession that the writers know they are dealing with a “small fraction” of the total people shot and killed by police in a very small span of time.  (Huh?)

In the last paragraph, the one staring with “However,” we find more mixing of apples and oranges statistics.  That seems to come to the conclusion that if blacks were armed, like whites and Hispanics when confronting the police, then everything would be cool with them.

Everyone that is paying attention knows three things:

1. Race relations haven’t reached such lows in decades.  All this with a black president and his inner circle of black advisors.

2. In nearly every case where a person is shot or killed by the police he is either violently resisting arrest or fleeing.  AND we can add onto this, the perps involved have long arrest records, and are many times recognized or identified by the cop on the scene as a dangerous person and very well MIGHT be armed.

3. Blacks are statistically disproportionately represented in incarceration and under probation because they commit statistically disproportional numbers of crimes.

The Left Wing Media has been trying to prove for decades that statistics show that we live in an unfair and  racist society.  That is the socialist/progressive foot-in-the-door to convince us to quit resisting their great vision on every issue they want changed over to their liking.

Much to their dismay, denial and anger, when it is pointed out to these amateurish progressive/socialist class scientists, their own statistics prove that we do indeed have a race problem in America.  Blacks do indeed commit a disproportionate amount of crimes – and not out of a sense of want or economic deprivation – but because they do not wish to obey the laws that keeps our society from turning into an unlivable social sewer – just like the places created for them by progressives who know that their solutions for them are always best.  At this point the Left must thrash about for other answers, and they end up spouting cliches and non sequiturs.  The common fallback is always that we live in a racist society.  The majority is racist and the minorities are simply victims of that racism.

The Left Wing Media (the mainstream/majority media) along with the Left Wing Academia (nearly all of academia) have been feeding each other either misleading, mis-representative or completely bogus statistics for years.  They have done it so long that it has become not only their playbook, but their gospel.

They are mad at the country for not believing their generational lies.  Thus their contemptuous and dismissive replies whenever they are confronted and challenged about their nonsense.

Academics of olden days would have easily mopped the floor with their lies and false conclusions, and pointed out that these people are not educated at all.  But academics of the past are gone, carefully replaced in higher learning by only those willing to put their hand on their social gospel and swear (or affirm, since they only swear in conversation) allegiance that their future progressive utopia will be promoted and advanced by any means necessary.


By Any Means Necessary

If one bothers to read the comments of most of “news” pieces in the major mainstream online sources one can see clearly the line between zombie believer and the non-progressive iconoclasts trying to point out the ridiculous flaws of Left Wing advocate journalism.  Illogical propaganda pretending to be news and commentary breeds illogical and angry cult followers that cannot be reasoned with.

The true believer zombies rise to attack anyone who disrupts their world view, describing those heretics and sinners in the most vulgar and insulting terms.  This is always the reaction when the Left’s “educated” pod people readers feel threatened by those outside the progressive snare.  To them these traitors to humanity must either be converted or destroyed.  It is for the collective good of the future.


Insightful Political Porn For The Stooges

It should be clear why authoritarianism must have the force of government behind it to succeed.  If those having such idiotically twisted views of the humanity and the world did not have legal force behind their actions they would be quickly laughed off the public stage and correctly marginalized as the fools they are.  When they are in power they try and do this to others.

A view of the world that can best be described as a shoreline sand castle invented by those with no practical knowledge of the real world or how it operates always creates a fantasy world based upon false premises.  Every adult that isn’t a fool knows the structure might achieve a pleasant look, but cannot – even in the short term – withstand the test of time and tide.

Those pretending otherwise must create a continuing herd of mind-twisted evangelical zealots to beat (or cheat) everyone into agreeing that they can make the world over into anything they want by simply wanting it badly enough.

Hopefully we are living near the end of the age of this progressive stupidity.  However, the end may not be a whimper, but a big bang.

Obama (between vacations) and the organized Left (while stuffing taxpayers’ money into their pockets as fast as they can) have attempted to fundamentally change the country into a progressive/socialist potpourri that is not only distasteful to the vast majority of our citizens, but toxic to them as well.


Unfair and Unbalanced

The Left know how much is riding on the remaining one year of their front man’s term.  They also know that there is virtually no organized opposition to stop them from further looting and wrecking the country.  In that sense, they could go nuclear on any and all who actually do oppose them, which in this case would mean breaking any and all moral and legal laws that would prevent them from furthering their goals.  Pushing and promoting racial animosity and large scale rioting could be well within their tactical playbook.

The establishment Republican Party has done its utmost to help Obama succeed. The party of Lincoln should have a big stake in seeing that the first black president is not the miserable, angry failure he obviously is, for all the right reasons. But let’s face it, that Republican Party that would help Obama for good and honorable reasons is dead as a doornail.

Nowadays it is obvious that both parties are in it only for the power and advantage they can get. The Republicans see access to a lot of goodies in playing ball with the president, an amoral man who they think they can do business with. It’s all about slicing up the American pie. Obama gets some cover for his legacy, the Republicans think they get a better playing field next election cycle.

They are both wrong, and dangerously foolish with the nation’s economic, domestic and international security. I think history will have them and the whole political establishment pegged. We are run by greedy fools who are propped up by the rotting twin towers of an ideologue academia and media.

Playing one race against another? Oh well, no one but politicians have ever said politics was an honorable profession.




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