Did I Hear A Dog Whistle?


How Come We Never Win?

I would imagine what most people would say they hate most about our political system is their perception of the visible aspects of politics itself, like debates, head counts done in the virtual dark via voice votes, and passing bills without knowing what’s in them.  And, of course, there is all that stinky pork that makes the Washington world turn.

Some of the politicians, and all of the bobbysoxer politically entralled media, “know” that the cure for all this greed, malaise and contempt for government could be solved by simply less partisanship and more political cooperation.

Stop chortling, you cynic!  This is what they were taught in their schools of higher learning, and warmly and approvingly reinforced in their echo chambers, so it must be true!

I think what most people really mean when they say they hate politics is not the debating and voting processes, but the mere fact that they never seem to get the system they want, which they picture as effectual and attuned to perform to the way they think it should work.  They are perennially disappointed.

And why shouldn’t they be?  Practically the definition of being a politician is being a two-faced liar, being serviced and truly pensioned by lobbyists who buy their votes.

The Democrat Party politicians get away with being hypocrites, sexual perverts, pay-to-play grafters and out in the open on-the-make crooks because their base is made up of the same kind of people as their leaders, only most of them are stooges who actually take some titillating pleasure by getting slapped around and being lied to.


Angry White Men Revolt

The Republican Party leadership actually encourages its elected members not to stand for anything.  This, they think, is smart politics, because people will see what a great bunch of reasonable, nice-guy compromisers they are.  They see this as the “art” of politics.  This is also why conservatives, who actually believe the country is getting rotten to the core, despise the leadership.  The feeling is mutual, and not even hidden anymore by the party’s leadership.

What we end up with is 60 percent of the nation’s voters (the other than Left) without a true home, and no one to speak for them.  This is why anyone who either by accident or on purpose says something they agreed with they perk up like an old hunting dog hearing the whistle.

The 40 percent that are “not-Right” are not necessarily Left Wing ideologues.  Only about half of them are actually socialist/communists on the order of Obama or Bernie Sanders.  The other 20 percent lean Left, but are not true crazies, but more like functional crazies, sort of like functioning alcoholics.  You might not be able to tell them apart from normal people until they get their first “belt” of politics of the day, then it’s a bender until the fever passes.

Both Left and Right never seem to get the system they want, which is a government on the same page as them, working the way they believe it should work.

Is this a real problem?  Actually, it is exactly what the problem is.

Our nation was founded by those who struggled mightily in putting together what they thought was the fairest system they could for free white men (sorry, blacks didn’t have political rights back then, so since we don’t have a time machine to go back and fix that, we’re just going to have to move on, that is unless you’re a fixated half-wit).

It was an imperfect system devised by imperfect men.  Before Washington was cold in his grave there were open traitors like Aaron Burr scheming and planning to either start another country or take over the U. S. Government by the force of a military coup.  Jefferson’s fantastic purchase was not considered such a great deal by all.  The Indians, some of them considered much more civilized than your average Anglo/Scottish/Irish trash of the times, were basically dealt with like vermin who should be forced beyond the ever moving American Pale or killed.  And on, and on, and on.

The upshot is that the nation doesn’t work perfectly because there is NO perfect system, and there never will be one this side of the veil.


We Need a New Sheriff in Town

It’s every citizen’s right to bitch and moan about their country.  And if the politicians don’t like it, then it’s basically tough shit.  The voters have a God given and constitutionally guaranteed right to try and improve their government, regardless of what their leaders think.  But it is not our leaders right to change our government or our social compact because they think it will be best for us.  This, more than anything else, is why people are nearly up in arms at their own government.

Remember the 60 percent I mentioned above?  Well, over 70 percent of country has now thought for nearly a decade that the nation is on the wrong track.  And that doesn’t mean they think that just a little more featherbedding or peanut sized tax breaks will fix anything either.  We are fatally off track, headed for a national disaster that will happen sooner than later.

The nation is now currently divided up into the two completing ideas of what our government should be.  In that corner, ladies and gentlemen, are our combined two major political parties, who have formed an alliance to come together against all comers.  And in our corner is … Are we alone against our rulers and oppressors?  Is there a champion of the people to be found?


You’re Hired

The refrain that this year things are going to be different is no longer believed.  No more promises from politicians that have gotten elected on them then called their constituents crazies for trying to hold them accountable.

After the coming debate, and those who step out of line by promoting something “crazy” like smaller government are tarred and feathered by the ruling class politicians and their media stooges, then it will be time to go third party.

But .. but .. but won’t that make Hillary’s election a shoe-in?

Predictions: Hillary may be under house arrest long before next November.  Look for Jim Webb to be the Democrat Party nominee.  The Republican establishment will completely collapse and step aside in hopes their rank and file won’t walk out on them.  And Obama?  Well, he’ll just keep on breaking the law, stirring up racial strife, and singing the never-ready-for-prime-time blues.



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