Third Party or Bust


When one is in the air, one must have a firm grip on reality.

The question as to why no political party represents the 60 some odd percent of the country is not as baffling as it seems.  The super-majority is relatively apolitical.  It hates politics and politicians.  It wasn’t always hatred.  Up until Clinton it was simply dislike and distaste for those who ambitiously yearned for public office.  By the end of Bush II’s time in office, it had taken on a genuine and heartfelt loathing.

Everyone now freely admits that Bush II is and was no conservative.  But that wasn’t the case when Bush was the darling of Talk Radio and the conservative pundit press.  Of course, look at the absolute dishonest crud that ran against Bush.  There really was no alternative.  Bush II and Bush I were both honest and honorable men.  The problem with both of them was they were establishment party politicos.  That was their playbook.  It was always party before anything else, including the long term welfare of the country.

Is that a harsh statement?  First, consider Bush I.  He despised Reagan.  And the fact was that the people loved his former boss and perceived Mr. Skull & Bones as an elitist wimp.  Oh yes, remember the “wimp factor”?  The wimp factor is what kept Bush I away from making his peace with Ross Perot, ultimately costing him another term.  Add onto all of this is that Bush I actually did have a problem with “the vision thing.”  He wanted to be president because it was the top governmental job.  Politics were to be left to others.  That’s why he compromised so fast with his political enemies.

Bush II’s only accomplishment was his leadership after 911.  In fact, if 911 would have never happened, what would Bush II actually accomplished?  He, too, had his dad’s vision thing problem.

But consider what Bush II did on his way out of the national political door.  He basically bailed the so-called Too Big To Fail Banks out.  But it wasn’t just that he was helping his cronies out.  He was helping Too Big To Fail Government, too.

The perfect modern example of public corruption was the failure of the mortgage loan disaster created by politicians pretending to do good while stuffing the pockets of their cronies and constituents.  When all those liar loans and outright gifts to those with no money hit the economic fan in the form of peddling off this junk mixed with the good happened, the world’s economy was in jeopardy! They cried.  If we would have had even the tiniest kind of an honest government operating at the time, the politicians who engineered this scam would have been beaten with the rods of the fasces, then beheaded, then flung down the Capitol steps.

Bush II did take his case for removing Saddam to our elected leaders (several times), and they all agreed what must be done is to take him out.  Immediately afterwards, the Left seeking political advantage bailed.  But that blew up in their faces because the vast majority of the citizens believed Bush II when he convinced everyone that it was in the best short and long term interests of the world if America invaded Iraq and planted a humanist democracy there.

But hindsight many times is just as blind as foresight.  Iraq turned into what it had already been distilled down to, which is a corrupt band of self interests with no national allegiance or feeling whatsoever.  That’s why the army runs every time they think they can’t win the battle.  And with thinking like that, they never will.

Trillions thrown away, like a junkie who found a sack full of money and dope.  America’s roads and infrastructure are crumbling to pieces, while the gift to the Iraqi people found its way into the crooks’ pockets.  Billions of dollars totally unaccounted for.


Let not light see my black and deep desires

And after Bush II, the current amateurish fool in the White House compounded this stupidity by simply cutting and running.  Obama is the epitome of rotten and corrupt, out of control big government surpassing even Slick Willie and his own Lady Macbeth.

I just wanted to give a little background for those who don’t know how our founding system of government has been deteriorating over the past several decades.  The government is operating for itself and will defend itself from all who try to change it.

Zoey Tur’s actions with Ben Shapiro are exactly what our present day government’s creepy, bullying, self indulgent post-reality society looks like.  When reality is re-revealed to them, they feel perfectly justified in resorting to silencing techniques which include violence and/or lawlessness (note the recent U.S. Marshals Service raid on the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office).


Believe me, Jew Boy, I could snap your neck like a dried chicken wing!

In Tur’s case, no one will be allowed to speak out against the fantasy he/she has established for he/her selves.  And he/she and their ilk/ick feel perfectly justified in forcing their version of reality on others.  Every person on the Dr. Drew panel that day, including the “moderator,” said nothing as the odious Tur “touched” Shapiro to silence him, ultimately putting a neck grab on him warning that “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance” if Shapiro kept verbally challenging his/her obviously false premises in any further discussion.

So if our government has reached its Zoey Tur phase, should we all allow ourselves to be threatened to believe, obey and shut up?

There are a few prescient professional politicians who are beginning to smell the coming storm in the air.  Is that smell the acrid odor of anger and resentment of those who are being oppressed?  Do I mean the large inner city masses who have gone for decades without jobs, hopes or even a prayer?  Actually, this group in particular is very much a living and breathing example of what is wrong with America circa 2015, but it is only a small part of the whole.  In reality, the poor dupes who live in the inner cities actually believe that government hasn’t done enough, when it is painfully obvious that the government has practically destroyed them via the genocide of abortion, the free flow of drugs into their midst, and subsidizing them into a politically pliant, but ignorant mass of violent unthinking barbarians.

That real scent in the political air is that of the seething and loathing of the super-majority of the country feeling angry confusion near the point of bitterness as to how to confront its out of control government.

Has the point come to start massive civil disobedience?  Or might one even start preparing for the possibility that our own government might send the militarized swat teams and bayonets into middle class neighborhoods to enforce the government’s will?  Would men in uniforms shoot their own kind upon government orders?  They might, if their jobs and pensions depended upon it.

George Washington naively thought that political parties would be our downfall.  He believed that citizens acting upon whatever they thought the best interests of the country were would vote in that interest.  Before he had finished his second term the long knives were out, wanting their own bigger slices of an ever-expanding federal pie.

Human beings are simply being human beings when they see public problems by their own lights.  And, human beings do not view the world in a synoptic way.  As it has been, as it is, and as it will be as long as human beings are human beings.

The Founding Fathers, as well as every political deep thinker of the past and present, knew this to be the case, so they tried to the very best of their abilities to devise a government that would keep the citizens free in a world where anarchy is never a rational solution.  But the price of that freedom would be eternal vigilance, much like Adam would be forced to work by the sweat of his brow for the price of his independence.

Prosperity has no doubt created a nation of softies, who desire the “machine” to run without service nor maintenance.  They want the people who run their government to do their duty, which they see is to keep their lives stable and secure.  They don’t understand that they were intended to take turns running the mechanisms of the system that created this prosperity and peace.  Every ambitious bad man through history has seen this kind of opportunity for the slave-worked gold mine it is.

The major political parties pretend to project distinct national views of the relationship between government and citizens.  In the past, this was not such a disconnect that it has become today.  The Democrats are supposed to be the party of the little guy (and gal, and the fantasizers who can’t decide), the so-called proletariat.  The Republicans were supposed to be the party of the fat middle and upper classes, the so-called bourgeois.

This formula is now nothing but a facade.  And behind the facade the political ruling class of both parties feign combat for the appearance of “fighting” for their constituents, and, of course, the good of the country.  The reality is that they are simply dividing up the spoils, and only sometimes actually get into a real dispute.  Consider it like two mob families who have taken over the country.  They know that there cannot be only one family if there is to be the peaceful fleecing of their sheep, so they must have their accords and compromises.

The leaders of both major political parties do, indeed, have a very synoptic way of looking at things.  This is why both Democrats and Republicans like the Export-Import Bank, abortion on demand, Trillion dollar budget deficits, and a legion of governmental agencies trying to micro manage everyone’s lives.  Upon this there is no real (the opposite of phony) dispute.

There is really no difference between the current political parties, no matter how much partisans try and spin it.  The difference is merely a dumb show for our dumbed down populace.

But the new disturbing reality rearing its ugly head, even though it is denied by the major parities, is that our political leaders have been busy trying to establish their permanent majority positions.  The way they have gone about this is to import other potential citizens who they can control even better.  This, above everything else, is what has woken up our sleepy, entertainment addicted population.

This new replacement citizen population has not been keeping in the shadows, either.  This group is playing a major role in our nation’s surging criminality and cynicism about the political process.  The tab for our new replacement population is purposefully hidden by the government and its media.  Whoever tries and connects the dots between soaring welfare state benefits for illegal aliens and their crime rates are ostracized and held up to ridicule by the evil trinity of government, media and academia.

The tab for our government’s economic intransigence has not even been explored in any depth by the media.  Not only is the federal government in debt to the tune of 18 trillion dollars, some of the states are even (relatively speaking) further in the hole than that.

Our nation is headed for one of history’s regular earthquakes.  I’m not sure if even the most abrupt course change can prevent the skies from falling down around our ears.  But one thing is for certain.  We absolutely need experienced and able captains ready to steer our ship of state through the perilous voyage before us.

All the makings of a great third party are in place.  Trump, Fiorina, Walker, Lee, and Cruz would all make tremendous founding fathers and mothers of a party that could represent those who haven’t had significant representation since Reagan passed from the scene.

If they directly challenge their party, which some have already started, and if that challenge is met with their party declaring war on them, then there is only one solution, isn’t there?



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