Stop The Bizarro World, I Want To Get Off!


She’s Mine and I’m Taking Her with Me

Kate Steinle wasn’t in a bad neighborhood.  She wasn’t dressed like a slut, or covered in a hijab or a burqua .  She wasn’t wearing a Confederate, or even an American, flag.  She apparently wasn’t sending out any signal other than she was trying to enjoy time with her father.  And then comes along an illegal alien criminal who for no other reason other than his own twisted rationality kills her in cold blood.

He is a multiple felon who had always escaped what used to be known as justice by using his illegal alien status to be deported then walk freely across what is for the most part a nearly unprotected international border.  But to protect our own borders is somehow become racist and/or xenophobic, right?

More recently, four unarmed U.S. Marine recruiters were killed by a Moslem gunman who was born in the Middle East.  The media searches for a reason for this “tragedy” created by still another demented lone wolf acting under his misunderstanding of the words of the religion of peace.

The original definition of tragedy is: A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.  Our nation of journalist/wannabe poets use one of the other definitions, which is: The unfortunate aspect of something, a shocking or sad event, or a disaster.  (Thanks

Both these disasters were indeed tragedies, brought to you by the unconscionable idiots of the Left running the country at present.

The Left also thinks that the prisons are full of people who are in there because their only real crime was being born poor, not being able to get a proper education, and living in a neighborhood that afforded little opportunities.  This narrative is nothing but twisted pretzel logic that excuses criminals that break the law, making them into something other than the bad, nasty people they are who steal from and hurt others for their own selfish and immoral purposes.

A celebrity man in the news believes himself to be a woman trapped in a male’s body.  He goes about remaking himself to be what he “knows” himself to truly be.  He is not considered mentally disturbed or unbalanced and needing psychiatric help, but instead is held up as a profile in courage, following his own star, which supposedly many others like him/her are suffering right now right here in River City.

The old battle flag of Lee’s Northern Army has become a symbol of hate and must go.  After that, all remnants and apparitions of the hated past must be destroyed, whether Confederate or simply religious in nature.  If you look at the mottos on your money and stroll around our nation’s capitol at the monuments and public buildings you will notice there is a lot of work still to be done.

Anyone with a slightly different take on the above things quickly find themselves facing the media buzz saw of our bizarro world.

There is a new normal that is being forced upon our society and culture that basically is standing everything previously known to be good, right, or simply a matter of common sense on its head.  The question is: What is driving all of nonsense?

It’s hard to not form a judgment about a guy like Jeh Johnson for pretending not to know who Kate Steinle was.  After all, he’s the Cabinet Secretary of Homeland Security.  Isn’t this kind of his job to know about and try to do something to prevent things like this?

Whether he agrees or disagrees that Sanctuary Cities are an open invitation to allow criminals to free range in the country, which apparently to him (and lots of others) an acceptable price to pay for a friendly, magnanimous and open society, he is but doing his boss’ and his political party’s bidding.  If he disagreed, he would resign.  But if he did he would lose his easy, prestigious job, and the great pay and benefits, and the lucrative after-government-life all the political heavy weights manage to achieve.  The sad part is that the government is filled with people just like him, whether elected, appointed, or otherwise receiving a government paycheck.

The seed of the problem, and the root and limbs of all the following problems, is that there is an ever-increasing number in our midst that have been effectively shut out of the political process, even driven from the public square of debate.  Like the sketchy theory of global warming, the science (the politics) is settled.  By government fiat we will not live as we once lived.  And we will not hold opinions that run contrary to our current rulers’ vision.  The times have already changed.

Many people have written extensively about this subject.  They do their research and know the truth.  But, alas, the truth, especially any truth tied to traditional culture, is not acceptable any more in the postmodern world.  We now live in William James’ multiverse of verities.

Any truth other than what goes by the government approved truth is to be dissuaded if possible, but shut up if necessary.  So you had better bake that cake and take those wedding pictures or you will be legally punished.  Yesterday’s truth falls by the wayside.  Freedom to participate or withdraw is no longer an option, so get with the new program – or else.

Has government enforced multiculturalism and relativism made old America evil?  Or has the nation always been wicked and we simply refused to see it?  Our enlightened classes believe it to be so.  So we must pay for our fathers’ sins until this stubborn and unrepentant nation is brought to heel.

It is understandable why those seeking power want to get more power.  That is the nature of most people, whether it be in public or private life.  Power is good.  It brings money, and all the things that derive from wealth.  But what has created a majority of voters who have willingly accepted this new power structure against their obvious best interests?

The theologians of the new way of thinking come from the academic community.  It was a long march, but they have effectively taken over higher learning, and are now in the process of doing the same in the lower learning.  These people are well rewarded for supporting those in government who approve and promote their views.  Most universities are sitting on huge endowments to the point where they could give free education if they wanted – forever.  But that would be spending what they consider their own nest egg.  It’s better to let the public pony up more money for their projects.  All for the good of society, you understand.  Even though most of our citizens never set foot in one of these institutions of triumphant learning.

The mainstream media are the evangelists.  They are the persuaders for the new thought.  They are also the gatekeepers, keeping the deck stacked so that the super majority of viewers are cowed by a minority that seems macroscopic and overwhelming.  Everyone likes to be liked.  And the media tells us what kind of thinking and opinions that people should hold, and not to think thoughts that are unacceptable.

Then there are the disciples.  These are the foot soldiers of the movement.  They take the words of multiculturalism and diversity to heart and join the other lonely hearts in trying to make some greater meaning to their lives.  Like the theologians and evangelists, they hate sin.  And that sin is of anyone disagreeing with their TRUTH.


Sheesh, Why Did I Let Myself Go Like This?

And the last we have the pew sitters.  They listen, nod and bow their heads, and look for the free communal meal that comes from partaking the word.

But the pew sitters are legion, and they are fickle.  They can go either way.  If they think they can come out better by lapsing or crossing the street they will.  This makes the country’s political pew sitters such a coveted group of voters.

Sadly, but realistically, this is the very group that is crucial to keeping our country free.  They are the ones who must be convinced that the traditional freedoms of the nation are not only worth saving, but even they will in the short and long term prosper because of them.

While most of the Republican Party leadership is constantly trying to figure out a way to cajole, flatter, and buy the votes of the pew sitters, they only come off looking like the amateur trimmers they are.  They rightly disgust people.

Most Republican voters vote Republican because they are the only alternative to the societal and cultural Gehenna our nation is becoming.  The Republican Party leadership mostly advocates merely a lighter, kindler and gentler version of the poison the Democrats are spreading.  Most of them have already brought into the Democrats New American Order, not necessarily because they believe it, but because they think it is the only way to win politically.

Guess why Donald Trump is climbing in the polls as he becomes better known?  Why is what he’s saying so appealing to all those mom and pops out there in flyover country?  Why is he currently looking like the only statesmen amongst the pygmies?  You know the answer to that.


Wow! You’re Super!

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