The Circular Firing Squad Assembles


Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? Well, Do You?

The “Ross Peroting” of The Donald is already in full swing.

Some of the usual media suspects that were there those many years ago are still there, taking positions, taking aim, and some already shooting wildly.  But quite a few of the political establishment types and the good old boy media outlets are just holding back, trying to pretend at least that they are mildly amused by Donald Trump’s entry as candidate for president.  Most of the professional politicians and the mainstream media want to see Trump hurt the Republican Party.

Rush is (for now) the exception.  I think he might have actually learned his lesson when he publicly persecuted and slandered Ross like a school yard bully way back in the day when Rush had his nose firmly up the rear-ends of the Bushes.  I listened to Rush disassemble what he did to Perot fairly recently, and all the bad feelings I had about that time came RUSHing back.

Rush is treading carefully with Trump.  After all, he “knows” that The Donald doesn’t stand a real chance of pulling off a victory.  Rush seemingly appears to indeed like very much what Trump is saying.  He instinctively knows that Trump is speaking for many more people than say Jeb Bush and the other professional politicians who smell an easy victory for the “other than the Democrat Party candidate” in 2016.

But it appears that the Republican establishment has decided that they will take Trump out if he doesn’t eventually get out on his own.  Like most the other presidential wannabes they, too, have this defeatist “let’s take it real easy so not to frighten off timid undecideds” attitude.


I tried to warn you.

Ross Perot was leading basically the same charge that all nativists have since Goldwater.  Goldwater, Reagan, Perot, Sarah Palin, and now even Trump, strongly  appeal to those who are literally watching their country being destroyed by an alien political philosophy that offers socialism/progressivism as an alternative to free markets and individual liberty.

And after all this time that has passed, this alien philosophy, which would have killed liberty and prosperity in its revolutionary cradle, has succeeded in turning our great nation into the very kind of stagnant statist rubbish we find in Europe.

And the Left sees this as a good thing.  It allows them even bolder steps, as in forcing the American people (who they see as their subjects) to agree with them (publically for now) or be socially ostracized and legally harassed.  Are there hefty fines and jail stints in the near future for those who will not knuckle under to these political correct Ayatollahs?  The future has already arrived.


Is There No One Here That Can Fill This Man’s Shoes?

How did destroying Ross Perot’s political chances affect what unfolded afterwards?  We got the biggest reprobate as president ever in our history.  But Bush dug his own hole in the previous election.  The rich patriarch, the Mister “Big Resume, No New Taxes, Kinder and Gentler” immediately after getting elected crossed the aisle and kissed the ring of the leader of the liberal gang doing everything it could to bring America to their version of crony socialism.

Trying to play ball and/or compromise with the professional liars and career hypocrites who make up the Left’s political/media/academia complex is a prescription for losing every time.  The historical track record could not be more clear.

The pursuit of so-called undecided voters and narrow special interest groups works for the Democrats because they are retail politicians.  They sell (access, influence, insider trades and legal favors) directly to the leaders of the special interest groups, who in turn fervently support and defend them at every opportunity.  And in a lot of cases (blacks as a group, white women as a group, and the young and the ignorant) the most vocal and fanatic followers do so even when it ruins them in every provable way to do so.

So who does the same trench duty for the Republicans?  And why should anyone do so?

The Republican brand is like the old Mercury and Oldsmobile brands.  It appeals to old farts who just want to be left alone to go about their business until they are forced to hand over to their heirs whatever is left in their bank accounts.  Now there’s a bugle call to liberty’s arms!

The Perot/Palin/Trump brand is an old fashioned concept going back to Jefferson and Jackson.  And it scares establishment Republicans to the point to where they would rather see a Democrat win than their own party.


Hands Up Or I Shoot!

It’s easy to see why it scares them.  The Republicans have traditionally been a wholesale party.  They had a great long run from the Civil War to Roosevelt with only a few interruptions.  They became the prosperity party.  The party of big business and party with the firm hand on the wheel of state.  They were also the party that opposed slavery, Jim Crow and became the active driving force of Affirmative Action.  But things have changed over the last decades.  The media has airbushed the Republicans into the guys with the black hats while the Democrats are pictured with golden halos.

The education establishment, which was just starting to be taken over by progressives in Wilson’s time, now triumphantly and arrogantly decides our society’s mores.  They decide what is right and wrong, not the people.  And this education establishment provides the brainwashing of most of our future politicians and their minions, especially the media, who are evangelists and missionaries preaching and exhorting their gospel to what is left of our Christian nation.

It has been, and still is, and will be into the foreseeable future, a very tough row to hoe for anyone individually or in a political group to turn things around for the better.  The deck is stacked and you will be playing with cheats who want to win at any cost.

The election of 1912 saw one of the two Democrat presidential wins in ten tries post Andrew Johnson to FDR.  This election was decided because an arrogant, megalomaniacal ex-president entered the race as an independent.  Why did TR do so?  Because he believed Taft was not progressive enough.  And look what it got the nation!  A so, so smart Ivy League academic racist who thought the unenlightened citizens of the nation were too stupid to know what was good for them or decide things in a democratic manner.

The lesson to be learned from this, other than the fact that TR was a Pullman Car Socialist (yesterday’s limousine liberal) at heart, is that the Republicans over the years have lost their way when they tried to quit wholesaling small government prosperity and tried to compete with the Democrats in retailing government by special favors.  Never forget that the real problem that was and still is is with the product that both parties think is a sure winner; and that stinkball is a mixture of crony socialism and phony progressivism.  It is the modern era’s narcotic that seems to cure what ails us, but instead corrupts our souls and makes us dependence addicts.

Socialism is a political structure that has been absolutely proven time and time again and in countless ways to destroy individual liberty and any nation’s prosperity that embraces it.  In small doses it doesn’t seem that harmful.  But as the “treatment” gets more intense it ruins incentives, destroys families and traditionally successful social culture, and creates cynical corruption as the people realize it is the way to seemingly get ahead.  What it ultimately does is install a group of despots over us that we end up having to beg for permission to live our lives the way we want to.

Let the battle within the Republican Party for who will lead them begin.  Even if the party establishment gets its ideal candidate or not they will never be satisfied with outsiders such as a Donald Trump.  They will never support him if he wins every primary.  But this in the long run may not be such a bad thing.

America is changing very rapidly.  Not only are the demographics changing (on purpose), but also the mores are changing (again, on purpose).  The Republican establishment has already decided that certain candidates are non-starters (Paul, Cruz, Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee, Jindal, Perry, Santorum, and Trump).  They would not firmly support any of these people.  They would rather lose to their opponents.

And the reason they would rather scuttle their chances to win is very personal and has nothing to do with the good of the country.  The fact is that a win for an outsider within their party would most assuredly cost the current holders of the seats of the Republican establishment their positions.

All those yesteryear’s “great architects” wouldn’t be asked to be on Fox News any more.  They would have to either try and pull a connection to get a lobbying gig or simply go home to oblivion.

And that kind of goes for all those media people who have never really ever had a clue as to what all those so-called conservative people out there in flyover country really wanted or what might be best for them.  The media horde would do themselves and the country a great service if they were drawn from those who had actually worked real jobs before taking up the business of judging everyone else’s situation and deciding what’s best for us.

Will Trump, if elected, be the nation’s salvation?  No one, even The Donald, would make any such claim.  However, it is becoming increasingly and painfully obvious that the legal citizens of this nation are losing our right to determine our future.  Our perfectly legitimate desires expressed via the ballot box are being overridden and/or ignored on a daily basis.  Recent Supreme Court decisions, as well as a multitude of lower court decisions, should make that as plain as what your gender is.  All you have to do is look!

So, leave your gloves off, Donald.  These guys may look tough, but they are classic bullies who will push around the weak and disorganized as long as there is no significant push back.  They are wussies who sometimes hide behind the law, but most recently purposefully misinterpret the law for their own private interests.

One thing your speaking out has proved is they can’t take a hard punch without screaming bloody murder.  And all it might take is to knock around and scuff up a few of these arrogant shitheads before the rest will fall in line.

But if they don’t, beat ‘em up as good as you can, then go out and start a third party.  After all, isn’t that the same way the Republican Party started back in the days of Lincoln?



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