This Door Swings Both Ways

They want The Donald’s scalp, and they want it real, real bad.

And it’s not just because of the way it looks, so … concerning, so … tempting to pull.  It’s because he is talking out of school about subjects that are verboten.  Here he is a member of the one percent of the one percent, and he’s talking like a bourgeois redneck cracker.  They feel they must punish him.  They must make an example of him so that others dare not cross them.

Who is this THEY?  Just who wants to put this man on the rack and twist and pull him until he cries uncle?

Without giving a complete list, here is a basic list of who THEY are:

Most Professional Politicians (What is this guy doing?  Trying to give us a bad name?  Making us look like the trimmers, spineless, career job seeking hypocrites we ready are?)

Most Media Professionals (How dare this punk, this billionaire gorilla, try and go over our heads with the “news” that we’ve been trying to ignore and coverup?)

Most Academia Professionals (He’s a par excellence example of the thoughts and wishes of the lowbrow, philistine and gauche white trash rabble he is trying to stir up.)

Crony Corporatists Trying To Walk The Line Between Their Own Economic Interests And Being Forced To Join The PC Hunting Party: (Just shut the F’ up, Donald!  You’re going to make us have to pick a side, and you know we can’t cross the political mob guys who hold our business licenses over our heads!)

The PC Social Pledgers (He’s a evil male who oppresses us with his white privilege!)

The Surrealists (He’s just another rich fool who is only holding humanity back with his piggishness and blind stupidity!  His money could do so much good, if only he spent it in the correct way!)

The Just Plain Cowards (I guess it’s so.)

The Seriously Deranged (Screw Donald Trump!  Screw America!  Screw this lousy world!  I’m headed for a prison cell or a suicide by cop, so it don’t make me no difference so long as I can maintain my high and get some tail until it happens!)

Mexicans: (This man is a racist and a bigot who despises poor people of color!  Typical white North American!)

Mexicans Living In The USA Illegally: (Shut up, gringo!  You trying to ruin this for us, man?  You got enough.  Let us have a few free crumbs.)

Former Mexicans Now Citizens Living In The USA Legally Who Don’t Have A Career In Being Media Hypocrites: (Tell it like it is, Big Don!)

The Donald is losing sponsorships, business and business connections, political protection and cover, and the fake goodwill of all those cynical clowns out there who thought that smiling in his face would result in them making some big money.

Some individuals in the above mention groups who actually have been exposed to, or read, or know of such things (those with an inkling of what’s outside their brave new world of nonstop commie agitprop, slimy and slanderous personal attacks, and multicultural and diversity doublespeak bullshit) hope that Trump is a kind of Gail Wynand of “The Fountainhead” character.  They think that once he suffers a little Trump will come crawling back to kiss their feet.  They truly wish him publically confess that he has no acceptable and worthy soul, and that he must ask them, the people’s collective, for one.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Have you ever wondered how things would change, and quickly they would change, if the lists of corporate donors to political campaigns were coordinated into a private campaign to expose them?  Expose them?  What do you mean?

What are all those millions and tens of millions of dollars supposed to being buying?  What are the givers expecting in return?  It is really no more than connecting the dots, isn’t it?  But why isn’t it done?

Who owns the press?  Who owns the media?  Who are these people who control nearly everything most Americans understand and know about their government and its actions?  Are these the same media corporations, both profit and nonprofit, that the government holds sway over their licenses and publicly financed subsidies?

Is the media and other business corporations handing over money for tribute?  Or is it to bribe politicians in order to buy access and influence?  Or is it both?  Are we so corrupt now that we are being ruled and run by mob government demanding protection money on one hand and on the other demanding bribes to either do their jobs or manufacture some legislation as a payback?

The media and the professional social establishment has to destroy people like Trump.  He has gone beyond the Pale.  He has spoken things that must not be spoken about.  He must be broken, become publicly contrite, and he must pay for his sins.

But what would happen if The Donald kept on keeping on?  What if he connected the dots between corrupt government officials (elected, appointed and on a public payroll) and demonstrated who is buying what from whom?

Now that would be scary stuff for all the bad guys who thought they had the American political racket all sown up and safe.

And how about this?  How about the companies’ and individuals’ financial connections are made a point of boycott by those against corrupt government?  Can you imagine what would happen if those companies and all those zillionaires who also buy our representatives’ sway and legislation were actually shunned by a significant portion of the public?

The grafters wouldn’t do a 180 overnight, but once they got hit good and hard in their pocketbooks, they would begin to see the light.  And that light might be interpreted as their new found freedom to become free men again.

Unfair?  Undemocratic?  Bullying tactics?  Hah!  This is exactly what the Left is doing and has done for decades now with very great effect.  And this is maybe the most important reason why that many businessmen either decide to play ball with the bad guys and/or are so skittish and even cowardly about even the simple voicing of the defense of traditional values and decency.

If you count up the numbers between the Left’s fascists and the rest of us trying to remain free in a hostile world, you would see that these commie neo-Nazis are outnumbered nearly two to one.  This would be easy if someone would just organize it.




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