The Week’s Nearly Over – But Feel Free To Throw Up, There’s More Coming!


A Perfect Fit for you, Madam

Everyone who had a sick feeling in their gut even before the events of this past week is now probably ready to take to their fainting couch or empty their stomachs.

A rotten apple walks into a church and murders people who would have without hesitation comforted him, fed and clothed him if he had asked.  But unlike the so-labeled “lone wolf” terrorists out there loudly and proudly prowling and planning our nation’s destruction, Dylann Roof is considered not a lone crazy, but a perfect example of all that is wrong with white America.  For he isn’t a lone wolf, you see, he is just one of the many wolves in that racist pack of bitter clingers who needs to be hunted out of existence.  And THAT flag is their rallying point!

A half dozen rotten apples cynically and illegally twist the law to suit their own political purposes and get standing O’s from certain people who could care less about the legal matters – except when another person in a black robe does the exact same thing in ignoring the law for their own view of how the country should be.  Chief Justice John Roberts took it on as his job to do Obama’s homework for him, correcting his errors and making everything copacetic for the media to regurgitate into their viewers mouths.  Chief Johnny will get long lasting high fives for not doing what he was sworn to do.

Are we a nation of hypocrites?

The question is becoming irrelevant.  We are still considered a nation, but we are not a unified nation anymore.  That couldn’t be any more obvious.  It’s not that we couldn’t be once again at some future date, that could always happen.  But it may not be likely anymore.

Great nations (defined in the nonjudgmental traditional sense) come and go.  They always leave a power void that is nearly always filled with another group that is colder in their calculations, hotter in their will to conquer, and hungrier in desire to make the conquered and vanquished their servants.

As far as us being a nation of hypocrites, that boat sailed a long, long time ago.  And it didn’t just happen this week, or in the last six years, or the last six decades, either.  We are a nation of hypocrites because we are a nation of human beings.

Now, not everyone is a hypocrite to the same extent.  When our nation’s best men came together and hammered out our constitution, they did the best they could given that they either had to compromise or not have a single nation.  They choose the later.


Hands Up Don’t Barf

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and even the those considered some of the most religious men of that time either had slaves or excused the practice.  They were born into a system of slavery and masters.  And that system started in prehistory.  It doesn’t mean it was right just because of its old tradition, but both Washington and Jefferson expressed their wish to get rid of the practice.  But their wish was kind of like some people’s current hope that one day our technology might be so advanced that we make a cheap and tasty substitute so that animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered and eaten.

Trying to apply current mores to our past is at best an exercise in futility.  Trying to apply past mores to others in the present can be a seemingly clever way of belittling a political, and dare I say social opponent, as well.  But the problem in doing so is that once a person does that he is generally ignored afterwards by those he affronts with his stupid and feckless arrogance.

No one outside a certain circle of like-minded lefties gives people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or Louis Farrakhan any credibility whatsoever.  However, in case you haven’t been paying attention, a lot of politicians and media people do.  They seek them out to get their opinions.  And they know that those mentioned opinions grates on most of the country.  Ain’t it a gas?

Obama lost about half of the American people early on in his first term even thought he started out with about two thirds of the American people who were perfectly willing to give him a chance.  He won a second term because of the power of the incumbency, a disinterested public, and the media’s full court press to skunk every opposition candidate.  However, what the general population does not know is the extent that the people are tired of him and wish him gone.  We are going to witness the most embarrassing departures of any president of any time in our history.  But the general public won’t know that because the media house band will be blaring too loud.

Obama’s power has been dissipating since his initial launch, and is now being carried over the finish line by a Supreme Court that is willing to bend and break the law to save him.  The first black president cannot seem to be a bitter loser who was never any good at the game of politics.  Ivy Leaguers with the old law school tie have to stick together, don’t you know.

As soon as the leftist court majority finds for gay marriage liberation, someone will be saying it’s unfair he can’t legally have a dozen wives, or be married to his pet leach, or even to his dear old butt plug that has given him so many happy memories over the years.


Worth the ride?

We are experiencing the end of the beginning and just now starting to leave the amusing side of America’s decline.  After which comes the economic crash.  Then the race wars.  Then the marital law.  Then who knows?  It isn’t going to be an uninteresting time to live, but I think many will wish that they had not lived to see the day.

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