Incidentally, Don’t Blow It. Several of Your Friends have Moved On.

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The Left’s Desperate Need In Your Town For A Boy’s Band

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What Condition The Democrats’ Condition Is In

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Dedicated to a Bewildered Press

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Begin the Beguine


The Night They Drove The Olde Regime Down (re-envisioned)

It seems that every disaster brings about a new beginning. A lot of Americans are having a difficult time with the way the election of 2016 went, others, the majority, see Trump’s victory as a sign that the American Dream is perhaps not dead or lost.

One thing that is nearly never brought out in political and/or social discussions is the plain and provable fact that collectivism, progressivism, socialism, communism, or any so-called social justice movement, is simply not compatible with a free society. What the PhD’s and “bright lights” have brainwashed themselves to believe, a person with common sense naturally sees through.

A “system of justice” which forces (key word alert: FORCES) earners to provide for non-earners means that there cannot ever be security of property or freedom of conscience and/or religious thought. The only rights that the collectivist society must respect is those ruling that society. All one has to do to prove the case is to recite what happens every time a social justice regime makes it to power. When that happens, the free elections stop, and government police and soldier’s keep the people from rejecting the revolution.

Obama is currently taking his final public victory laps. Rest assured he will be taking more laps after he leaves office. The fallen and disgraced Mainstream/Leftist press are singing his praises. If he had happened to have not been a Democrat they would have been giving him the Nixon, Reagan, and Bush treatment before, during and after his presidency. Of course, no one is going to be nominated for higher office in the Democrat Party if they aren’t from the same cookie cutter.


Last Year’s Party was a real Barn Burner

To the Left, Obama is a light, a progressively global new order light, that like other such lights are being extinguished all over the world. This is laugh out loud comical to those observing that the Left and their minions are getting what they so richly, richly deserve via their stupidity, incompetence, stale PC/socialist evangelicalism, overreach and overbearing arrogance.

Imagine, the smartest people the earth has ever evolved, and here they are on the brink of a new dark age brought about by what they characterize as angry white men demanding their power back. And guess who is leading the mourners? All those angry “best and the brightest” Leftist white men and white women who will not be able to effectively “lead” their minority flock to social justice any longer. I have to say, the karma is well roasted and sweet, and I want more.

But the Left isn’t going away. In fact, when it has a chance to figure out a way to repackage, rebrand, and the relabel the old trash, they will be back. What the stooges of the Left willfully, purposefully, and ignorantly ignore is that some social justice concerns are real and vital, and others are fake and life wasting.


War of 1812

The psychology and power relationship between the Left’s leadership and their rank and file never fails to astound me. It is perfectly easy to understand the leadership of the Left. They are basically fortune hunting immoralists pretending to a secular gnosis. They are on-the-make political pimps, and I don’t think they would deep down privately have a problem being considered that.

The leadership is selling a psychological panacea that a certain kind of stooge finds it hitting him/her where they live. And why not? The economic solutions that Leftist leaders propose always center on proposing that the “powerless” can achieve power over those they think are keeping them down or holding them back. It’s the whole idea that “not-so-hidden” forces are trying to exploit them so that others (the privileged) can have a better life, but they (the poor, but the honest salt of the earth) must suffer so those others can enjoy the better things (better material things, that is) in life. The bottom line is appealing to envy and selling the snake oil to put the balm on it.

While the Left’s stooges have plain and clear historical examples of what government systems work in providing the greatest amount of prosperity for the greatest number, why do they insist not to believe their own eyes?

America, being a relatively open society, freely (via public education) allows any person to learn skills that will improve their chances of making a better material life for themselves. But it does take some time and effort on behalf of those persons wanting to improve themselves.

And, alas, that is actually the key to the entire social justice issue in a society like America. Time and effort are like work. A lot of the reason people fall into poverty is because they didn’t want to put out the time and effort in school, or at a job, to succeed. But even putting in the time and effort won’t be enough if that time and effort is poorly or uselessly spent.

Individual failure is a common occurrence. Everyone (or nearly everyone) fails to achieve at least some personal goals. Sometimes those goals are unrealistic, but many times luck and time are major contributors to failure.


Is it just me, or am I Crazy?

The stooges who brainwash themselves with false social justice concerns rationalize the waste of that endeavor by allowing it to become the focus of nearly everything they think and do, and, of course, that’s what makes them boring, stupid and close minded. Instead of getting on with their own lives, they receive a continuous high from being part of a movement. The leaders of those movements get rich, fat and happy. The followers remain angry, ignorant and increasingly hostile to evidence that they have been duped. But instead of seeing their Left leaders as secular Elmer Gantry’s, they concentrate their hatred (and a whole lot of self hatred) toward those pointing out their false world.

Compromising with the Left in its totality is a dangerous waste of time and effort. It has been tried continuously by successive Republican Party leaders, who have always – always – gotten their hand bitten for doing so. The Left needs to be not only rolled back, but rolled out of America politics. And that is going to take a group of someones who aren’t afraid to flip them off and kick their butts as required.

Some got to win, some got to lose, Good Time Progressive Charlie’s got the blues. Learn it, or live with it, or go pound sand.

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The Angry Sociopolitical Justice Hive


We hold these truths to be politically relative, that some people are more equal than others because of the false privileges of skin color and wealth, but are deemed by our Enlightened Ones that their rights are alienable if they put their own Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness over the good of the Hive.

Why has America gotten to the point where every election is fought as if it is a matter of our nation’s life and death?

Many elections in our nation’s history have been “fought” this way, but something is different this time. Way back at the dawn of the 19th Century, Jefferson and Adams and their backers were slugging it out it the press, with their surrogates telling lies and otherwise saying the most despicable things about the other. The charges of criminal, hypocrite and potential tyrant were bandied about, with some of the electorate talking about the end of the nation. And yes, there was a race card even then.

One could say that the stakes were high because the nation was still defining its young soul. But in these times, especially this past election in particular, is that the case? Let’s hope it’s more of a mid-life crisis than anything so radical as redefining or fundamentally changing what got us to our truly exceptional place in the world.

For anyone that has been paying attention to American politics, it isn’t hard to see that the animosity and downright hatred that is being displayed more so every day appears to be something that is not to quickly pass into an era of good feelings.

Citizens that make any voicing or display of any political view other than Left points of view face assaults and threats daily; national electors have been threatened with murder if they did not change their presidential votes; buildings are vandalized or set on fire frequently; and nearly every news story on the internet now is met with meanspirited trolling featuring, without argument, ranting and name calling.

The police are now permanent targets of the American Intifada going under the heading of Black Lives Matter; voices in California are calling for secession from the union; and organizations are being formed to undermine and overthrow the American system of government go without a proper response from authorities or a call for calm from the Left’s home party.

And all of this is said to be done for a good cause, in that the American system is somehow blatantly unfair and dehumanizing, especially to people of color.

A couple of questions come to mind. How unfair is the American system? And is it more unfair today than in days past?

The American system for equality (color blind equality, that is) of so-called minorities is more advanced or at least equal to any other system in the world. In attempts to level the playing field, America jurisprudence has ignored the Constitution to offer favorable discrimination to blacks, women, homosexuals, transgenders, and even those of other some religious creeds which don’t believe in the American system at all.

Affirmative Action (aka quota discrimination) has become the law of commerce and government, but it is also forced its way into the culture, the result showing it requires special circumstance laws and intrusive force to make a majority of citizens comply.

And, of course, the concept of discrimination is never applied to minorities in dealing with the so-called majority. As a renown race baiter has said: minorities cannot be racist. This is the kind of mendacious and ludicrous statement uttered on a regular basis in today’s politics.

Obviously there is a particular mind-set or worldview operating that is making the majority a villain, especially one that legally denies people to freely associate with only who they wish. However, it is a one way street where minorities can discriminate freely when it comes to the majority. All minorities can freely decide to have exclusive organizations (separate chamber of commerces, closed political caucuses, segregated dorms and graduation ceremonies, etc.) but the majority is barred from such an unfair and currently illegal practice. And the highest court in the land, the media, and the academic elite, has absolutely no problem with this kind of practice.

And the name calling and racism by minorities is now simply a given. University courses are given on white privilege and how racist it is to take any pride if one is white. All one has to do is reverse the players in the game to see how evil and racist this is.

Forced de jure diversity and multiculturalism are considered great solutions to combat the so-called unfairness of the American system. But the reason the ruling class has accepted and adapted this new reverse discrimination is the root cause of most of America’s and the First World’s is the real problem. Hiring by quota is not apt to select the best of anything, but if it is done in key situations it can lead to utter disaster.

The hypocrisy and injustice of the elite’s PC solution is not only illogical, but also grows the majority’s disgust and hatred for an in-your-face oppressive government. It makes minorities special wards and pets of the state. The government is not only picking winners and losers, but judging by skin color, race and gender selection who should even have the right to speak freely.

If one views the world as a battle between winners and losers, then the attack on the majority makes some sense. After all, that’s the way some small-minded minorities think, so isn’t that the way the small-minded majority does, too? Actually, this would make some common sense argument for those living in a closed society where the majority is everything and minorities are nothing, but this hardly defines America or the modern First World.

In a free and open society winners and losers are generally chosen by abilities and acumen of figuring out just how the system they live in operates. Once understood, even a person of modest abilities and acumen can make a decent life for themselves and their posterity.

But to become a winner, one has to define what winning is. If one thinks that winning is based only on material gain or success in attracting sexual partners, then nearly all will be disappointed, even if they get their way.

The cliche that the world is unfair is a cliche because is true in nearly all circumstances. The fool who is born with great good looks soon finds that his or her genes will only get them so far, and comes with problems of its own. As so with the genius that never gets into any position to profit from their genius. Time, place and associations have nearly everything to do with being able to take to the big stage. Or, take a stupid criminal type mentality like some of the oldest Leftist families in America that were born into a wealthy political households. They have had a never-ending source of money and power to keep it up until they die. Talk about privilege!

Within a certain type of psychology, it is believed that while life may be unfair at this point in history, it can be fixed by social tinkering or by radical change. This has been the given modern age thinking since the French Revolution, which was spurred by the American Revolution. What is never understood is that there is no perfect political system that will answer every concern, and there could never be one. Life will always be unfair because there are too many factors deciding outcomes and nature it is too random to control.

Most of the discontent of Americans at this point in our history has turned on a passage from The Declaration of Independence concerning the concept of the pursuit of happiness. With the help of demagogues and some of the so-called academic elite, the pursuit of happiness concept has been turned from its original meaning to a twisted idea that it is the duty of government to ensure the happiness of all without making anyone have to make an honest effort to pursue it in the traditional sense. They can’t understand the difference between allowing the people to pursue as opposed to trying to make the outcome assured.


Join me, my friends, and we will face the glorious future together!

What is now read into the passage is that government should be constantly striving for or somehow guaranteeing, not an individual’s liberty, but all of society’s people’s happiness. They follow that with the belief that this can only be done with active and even aggressive leveling of the people so that everyone should be “happy” at the same degree. And then, and only then, will there ever be happiness in America or the world.

Of course, using that criteria, the goals of government mandated happiness can only be achieved by leveling the people to a position where everyone can be happy at one level. It follows that those wanting to pursue a greater or different kind of happiness must be brought into line, otherwise, unfairness exists. It is odd that classically defined liberal thought has degenerated into something that actually goes against the grain of real diversity and different cultural approaches to the world.

And so, we finally come to the basis for the modern tyranny model of the Left. Those wanting a new order believe passionately in a dictatorship which only the “enlightened” should sit on the throne. The gatekeepers consider it the utmost importance in making sure “unenlightened ones” never are allowed to control the seat of their ideal of a philosopher/king government.

The current openly dishonest hair-on-fire, hand-wringing and garment rending by the establishment Democrats and their agents everywhere (all hardcore Leftists) about the last election is very amusing, but the affect they have on the mob that believes that government must level the people is disturbing, and will only lead to a further splitting of the people.

The Democrat faithful and all convinced Leftists have been “educated” by their “betters” to think of themselves as in a social justice jihad with white privilege, rubes, racists, sexists, homophobes, capitalism, individual freedom, and all other infidels who oppose their march to into a better herstory for peoplekind. If their idea of what government they fantasize about is pooh-poohed or thwarted by anyone it infuriates them, sometimes to the point of physical violence. They want fundamental change (aka revolution) now. And if not now, then when?

It is easy to ID the demagogue and his party who has been pushing that destructive and dangerous nonsense for eight years, but there are many others that have made complete careers on it.


This Fake News Should Be Suppressed!

What Trump and new regime Republicans must realize is that there is nothing unconstitutional to be nervous about in pursuing and putting traditional practices and attitudes back in the mainstream of American political discourse. This does not mean, for example, bitch slapping gays back into the closet, or reestablishing Jim Crow, or having minders set up in universities, or censoring provably stupid views and statements; unless, of course, they call for or finance the violent overthrow of the government. There should be no person or political party of persons in the nation that is too big to be brought to justice, and if found guilty, face significant legal consequences.

A new administration would be doing the nation a favor by getting unorganized or organized criminals that advocate and finance political violence to stand trial for their actions. And in a system where all the people of age are considered equal in the eyes of the law, it shouldn’t matter if it is an individual criminal or even an entire political party leadership.

One of the rising special interest minorities in the angry hive of social justice jihadis are actually real life jihadis. This group not only wants to fundamentally change America, but also the world. And to them, taking the idea of pursuing one’s happiness to a whole ‘nother level means that a lot of innocent people are going to have to die for their cause.

JArtWorksIf the incoming Trump administration fails to follow through to protect America from its foreign and domestic enemies with clear resolution, but rather follow some misguided effort to appease a portion of the population that will not be appeased even if they got everything they ever fantasized about, then our country will be looking more and more like shell-shocked Europe, who is just now realizing that they have let in and coddled barbarians intent on destroying their nations and cultures. But even in socialism dulled Europe, they are finally realizing the gross incompetence and criminal stupidity of their PC political elites that feed off the angry hive.

Historically, as in real life, appeasement never works, but has the opposite effect. It’s a matter of the bully and the bullied. And everyone knows what the best advice is on how to handle bullies. There are perfectly legitimate and honorable ways of forcing them to forgo their efforts to destroy the nation.



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The Laughter and the Tears and the Time to Fix our National Problems


On the First Day …

Some of our citizens are shaken, crying, and knowing not where to turn. Others are happy, making plans, gaining confidence, and amused by what they perceive as a total nervous breakdown of the entire Left.

If you listen to the MSM, you will be confused as to who is throwing the tantrum and who are the people that must be carefully listened to, fully understood and at least taken into polite consideration. The narrative is that the angry and belligerent privileged white folks were scared, and then voted, wanting to counter the certain racial demographic changes that the march of history had in store for them.

The arts and entertainment community of our “gifted artists” saw a different kind of barbarian at the gates than what the majority saw. They threatened to leave the country if Trump was elected. For some of these filthy rich crack-pan-alley hacks, the only problem will be to which house in what country should they temporarily move to in way of protest.

The Left, thinking out loud as they always seem to irritatingly do, thought that the rude and vulgar pussy grabbing big mouth, who played to the worst deplorables in America, had defeated the true aristocrat among us, that wonderfully educated gentlewoman with a mountains of fantastic political experience. What a sorrow and pity that these bitter clingers had won. Well, they hated the black man just because he was black, was there any reason to think they wouldn’t also hate the nonpareil of a strong compassionate female? It’s so lamentable, I could just … (sob)

Rich is what it was, and still is, as the Left wrings its hands and sheds its tears and wonders what to do next. May I suggest hanging yourself?

The bottom feeders of the Left who make up the bulk of the loyal Democrats are devastated to the point they feel they need to act out. To them, the election was a plain illustration that America is truly a rotten place to live in and filled with rotten people who hate them. In their minds, that rottenness was the very reason why it must be fundamentally changed in the first place. Now a convinced and straight forward free enterprising capitalist has taken charge. They are doomed unless they can thwart any regression of the progress that was gained in the last couple of administrations. But hey, we haven’t had a riot in weeks, this is an excellent time as any!

But the wisdom of the leaders of the Democrats are not just being brought into question by the non-Left. There are mutterings that maybe they should have protested a bit more when poor old crazy Bernie was skunked and pushed to the side like he was. Maybe Bernie would have won the top prize, but maybe not. At least he got a new nice house out of the deal and they could have been a lot more enthused about voting for someone they actually liked and wasn’t exposed by Wikileaks to be running a crooked political rigged carnival game at the DNC.

It certainly appears that America had rejected an obvious criminal, but would the country have warmed more to an avowed socialist than a committed Alinskyite? The Left’s enquiring minds will always be in suspense on that issue. The idea that their whole worldview was on the ballot and lost doesn’t much cross their minds. All they really know is that America is cruel place with a whole lot of cruel, unhip, and uncool people.

However, there are nearly 20 trillion reasons why anyone in their right mind might actually agree with the Left that the establishment of America does indeed suck, and has done so for quite a long time now. But instead of some kind of racist, sexist and homophobic reasons that are the boilerplate of Left’s reasoning, the reason a rational person might have is that we as a country are so deep in debt that it might take a major depression and a substantial reduction in our living standard to meet and overcome it.

Yes, our “great statesmen” have been borrowing money (and getting in historically high tax revenues) to create an illusion of prosperity, all the while buying votes and distributing money to their backers.

Yes, our “great statesmen” have been in Pay to Play mode for decades without a real “check” from the electorate or the so-called watchdogs of the press.

And yes, the “great Fourth Estate” has done an abysmally crappy job of holding any political leader to account for the lousy and incompetent way they waste everyone’s money, and do so day in and day out, year in and year out, decade in … well, for a very long time. For some odd reason they missed much mentioning the nearly 20 trillion dollars the government has borrowed. Sounds like a big story to me.

See, there is might be at least some agreement here that our establishment deserves the contempt their approval ratings show, but there are also many, many other important things the Left and the non-Left does not agree on. The two fundamental and overriding differences are on how the two sides view the following views:

1) In a free society each individual should only be held responsible under law for their own actions; and

2) Every individual shouldn’t be forced to or expected to support any other than their spouse and children if that is not their wish.

These disagreements are really what all the fighting is all about, or should I say what the pretense of all the fighting is about. This is where life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom and its opposites part company. To the Left you are either a greedy, selfish SOB, or you’re a good-hearted, open-handed citizen of the human race and the world, like them. So come join the light side and hand over your wallet.

In private morality, individuals decide what their charity bill will be. Morality, which is beyond ethics, is something that only humans can define for themselves within the freedom of their own conscience. There are no moral governments, just as there are no moral animals. Morality is making a decision to either do something or to refrain from doing something, but in the only rational analysis it is always human attribute.

But the Left sees government as an instrument of morality. Since there cannot be a moral government by definition, the falsely termed government morality they want becomes a political coercion mechanism to take money from one citizen to give to another.

The Left knowingly and cheerfully acknowledges that. But what they don’t realize is that when they say that their taxes should not be spent on war, they are expressing their opinion that taking their money to support something they supposedly abhor is immoral. But then they lose the logical connection when the argument is made by someone opposed to abortion to pay out for it out of the taxes collected by government. That’s a violation of church and state, don’t you know. Apparently, morality is a very one-sided thing to those of the Left. Sounds more than a bit hypocritical, doesn’t it?

If someone makes an argument for an egalitarian society it is generally applauded by most who understand what that means. Egalitarianism states the belief that people should be treated under law as equals and have the same political, economic, social rights.

I don’t think there are many American citizens that deep down have a problem with that kind of thinking, in fact, egalitarianism is the entire foundation of our American Experiment.

However, there are dissenters! We have people among us that we can classify as radical egalitarians. Radical egalitarianism can actually be thought of as anti-egalitarianism. It can be defined as a theory (and mindset) that demands equality outside of any law which proposes real equality, expanding it to mean the social and political structure should be brought into some sort of artificial balance, which, of course, has to be kept in place by the force of the government, which obviously throws individual freedoms under the political bus.

The Left, for at least 40 years now, have insisted upon radical egalitarianism as the right side of history or herstory or don’t-like-my-dealt-hand-story. What the Left is saying in its fatuous way is that people are all the same (a schizophrenic view to be sure considering their tenet of multiculturalism), HOWEVER, since some people are not treated exactly the same way by everyone else because they are different (discrimination), they deserve and should receive under law different treatment (affirmative action), so that they are put on the same level as everyone else. In other words, some animals are more equal than others if they are so different from the other animals that a remedy must be sought to bring them into an equilibrium of opportunity with the other animals.

How could a lawyer in this Animal Farm system dealing with this kind of mumbling inanity ever go hungry? It explains nearly everything that the non-Left finds execrable about the Left’s ideas, for it is the fountainhead of nearly all of America’s current political, cultural, sociological, and psychological national miseries.

And guess what, folks? There isn’t ANY common ground between the true Left and the non-Left. The gloves have to come off now, and stay off until the Left is vanquished.

Phase one of the Tea Party Revolution is over, and now it’s time to set up the political guillotines. The first order of business is to force those who have committed robbery against the people to, if not confess their crime of trying to bankrupt us, to at least repent and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. If we don’t owe this to our posterity, then it would be a hard case to make we owe the future anything but a “good luck with the mess”.

Next up, dismantle the Left’s rotten political system that has been propping up the crooks. The most important part of this is in the area of education. The public universities need to be re-established to become places where knowledge and truth are pursued. They have plainly become political indoctrination institutions outside of the TEM subjects (science is going to have to be rehabilitated since ideologues who have and continue to cheat their data have been allowed to continue in their positions).

The cretin Left that has moled into the liberal arts has stunk up the whole place so bad that an honest and good man can no longer even be considered for a higher education position in that area. That should be changed, and it should be changed immediately with all the current regents being turned out and, since these are public institutions, a complete new slate should be voted on by the community it serves.

This goes hand in glove with abolishing the Department of Education. No more federal interference in how the states choose to educate their own children.

Secondly, no more allowing high court justices to “lawyer” the Constitution. The Constitution is written in fairly plain and still understandable English. It should be interpreted that way. If the law is to be changed, there is a way to do it, and that’s through the legislative branch of government, not some ditz or dummy sitting on the high court who got there only because they filled a minority quota. This is where Trump can give some backbone to the weaklings in Congress. TAKE BACK WHAT IS YOURS!

The Left has zero respect for the law when it doesn’t go their way, but that shouldn’t mean the non-Left should play that illegal game with them. The law should be upheld, and if a justice should deserve impeachment from the bench, then that is a perfectly legal way to solve the problem of an lawless and rogue judge.

Trouble in the streets? Everyone knows who they are and who is financially supporting these lawless thugs. Taking away the general public’s civil rights to enjoy our cities and streets in a peaceful manner should be a huuuuge crime. Get out the billy clubs – not the tear gas and water cannon – the billy clubs – and start beating their brains out if necessary then lock them up for a goodly time. What is a goodly time? At least long enough to make them face withdrawal and/or detox from their drugs of choice.

Their sponsors should also be hauled into court and face charges of abetting and encouraging riot and civil rights violations. They should be fined according their net worth and sentenced to long – long – jail terms. The place to disagree about politics is in legislatures, not in the streets with who can raise the biggest mobs! I would imagine a goodly jail term for some super-senior billionaire would make him think twice about trying to pull that off again. No one wants the clock to run out while doing time.

Thirdly, every political hack who has in office been found to have violated anyone’s civil rights should be prosecuted, and if found guilty, go to jail for a very – very – long term.

Using the criminal justice system or IRS to go after those legally expressing their interests is (next to outright treason) the highest political crime (short of murder) that can occur. And it shouldn’t matter if the perp is head of the IRS, or the Attorney General, or even the Crook in Chief. A public trial, and a long – long – jail sentences are in order. A clear deterrence message must be sent.

There is no compromising with political corruption without participating in it. As long as those guilty of political corruption are let off or allowed to walk away there will truly be no justice or no peace. So drain the swamp, while you have the political capital to do so.



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Second Hand Politician Bites The Dust

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